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Dr. Rhonda Travitt

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About Transformation of a Nation

The Transformation of A Nation Podcast with Dr. Rhonda Travitt is a new podcast that is designed to alert and awaken the potential within. As a licensed therapist, ordained pastor, & former Talk Show Host, Dr. Travitt believes in dealing with the tough issues that plague humanity. Her goal is to teach people coping mechanisms through faith and forgiveness during a time in which tolerance for differences are not accepted in our society.

As a no-nonsense leader, Dr. Rhonda Travitt believes in asking the tough questions. She believes in transparency and honesty to help others who may be in the midst of their struggles.

The Transformation of A Nation Podcast will air every Wednesday night at 7 pm. Each week we will discuss different topics with high profile guests that have a story to tell. The podcast will be available for download globally and appeal to a large demographic of listeners.

About Dr. Rhonda Travitt

I am a southern girl, raised in Houston, TX. I was the youngest of three children. I grew up in church, singing and playing basketball. I was the curious child of the bunch and got in a lot of trouble because of my curiosity. I also learned many life lessons from those situations that were instrumental in who I am today. I lived with my grandmother after my parents divorced for a period of time. Those are some of the fondest memories of my childhood. I remember her homemade biscuits and all of the family coming for Sunday morning breakfast before church. I inherited many of her “older” ways from the time we spent together. >>Read More

1 on 1 Transformation Coaching Available

The Transformation of A Nation Podcast is looking for thought leaders and individuals who have a story to tell of growth, development, resilience, and forgiveness. Click the button to fill out our contact form today!

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