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Transformation of a Nation is a supportive community that addresses the day to day issues of life focused on building healthy relationships and mental development. Helping individuals rebuild and develop a strategy to succeed in life as we now know it. Transformation of a Nation is an outlet, a safe place to assist to get from this chapter of life to the next providing mentoring, counseling services, as well as personal and professional development. Transformation of a Nation is a voice to the voiceless; a source and resource for first responders, COVID-19 survivors, and those dealing with COVID alike, everyone dealing with the transition on any level in this season. The formerly incarcerated are transitioning during the pandemic, making sure they are equipped with the Mentoring and community services they need. Men and women that leave their families daily to enter the workforce, the essential workers, being a source for those individuals, dealing with the uncertainties, the mental stress, and anxiety.

In Transformation of a Nation, we are not waiting for life to “go back to the normal” we are preparing for Greater. Everyone must be accounted for in this transformation.

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